Upcoming Events

Spin-In Saturdays

Every third Saturday of the month, from 2pm until whenever, all our fiber artists are welcome to come "Hang With the Gate City Gang."  This group of spinners -- of all ages and skill levels! -- will be happy to encourage, explain, and show off their creations. You don't spin? No problem! Most of us also crochet, or knit, or weave, or tat, and would love to talk fiber with you! Please come join us.

Fiber Fridays! (a.k.a. Knit Night)

Bring your projects and your craftiness to our Fiber Friday nights! We have table and floor space for spinners, knitters, crocheters, and anyone who'd like to come talk to those who engage in it.  6:30- 9:00 PM every Friday.

Plarn Workshop

From 10am to 12pm on the days listed below, people who are working on Greensboro's drive to supply recycled bedrolls to the homeless can come put them together here! The shop has hooks and needles ready for purchase, and will be happy to show you how to make your own plarn at home from your plastic grocery bags.

March: 11th
April: 7th
May: 14th
June: 10th
July: 15th